Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator
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Wanted: Hardware and documention. (17.08.2008)

Hardware and documentation wanted

WinUAE 1.5.2 WIP #1 (~2 weeks)

1.5.1 has stupid crashing bug, overflow in USB mouse/joystick name
buffer that can crash emulation randomly, also breaks uae-configuration.

Wanted: Non-emulated Freezer Cartridges (31.12.2007 update)

(already dumped/supported versions in parenthesis)
- X-Power Professional 500 (v1.2/X-Copy v3.2, v1.3/X-Copy v3.4)
- Nordic Power (v1.5, v2.0, v3.0)
- Bus Stop (none)
- Pro Access (none)
- Action Cartridge Super IV Pro loader disk images. (v1.2, v1.3 german)
- Action Replay (v1.00, v1.50, v2.05, v2.12, v2.14, v3.09, v3.17)

(or cartridge ROM images if you have (EP)ROM reader. Note: Nordic Power
and X-Power ROMs are scrambled, scrambling method is known.)

WinUAE 1.5.1 (12.08.2008)

Major 1.5.0 bugs fixed:

- Failed to start with some display card/driver combinations.
- Regular (non-RDB) OFS formatted hardfiles didn't mount under KS 1.3.
- Memory corruption in configuration file handling causing random
  crashes when loading or saving configuration files.
- Configuration files in subdirectories didn't load if configuration
  cache was enabled.
- RTG hardware mouse cursor may have been invisible (or had
  wrong graphics) in some cases after resolution change.
- Switching between non-interlaced and interlaced modes caused random
  "scanline" graphics corruption.

Other bug fixes:

- Built-in HRTMon crashed in JIT modes.
- Interlace modes fixed in "normal" (non-doubled/scanline) modes.
- Fixed borderblank graphics corruption in interlaced modes.
- Fixed possible crashes when switching Windows desktop resolution or
  when using quick user switching.
- "Kickstart Replacement" fixed.
- PCMCIA SRAM emulation didn't work in memory expansion mode.
- Emulation paused if "stop sound while inactive/minimzed" was enabled.
- Improved directory filesystem statefile support.
- AVI recording crash if only audio recording was enabled.
- Native DLL support fixed.
- Forced fullscreen refresh rates didn't work in some cases.
- Multiple identical (same serial number) USB game controllers do not
  confuse input system anymore.
- Major blitter slowdown in some AGA modes.
- ADF was not updated if disk write was aborted (Cadaver save disk)
- Crash when USB mouse/joystick was removed or inserted before
  emulation was started.

New and improved features:

- Added support for Direct3D pixel shader filters (very fast compared
  to software filters, pixel shader 2.0+ compatible display card
  required), plain Direct3D filter performance improved.
  Latest (August 2008 or later) DirectX required.
- In windowed mode all resolution or chipset/RTG mode switches
  resize the window instead of window closing and opening.
- Aspect ratio setting added to RTG and filter panels.
- Window resize enabled in windowed mode (chipset mode).
- Added Picasso96 option "Always scale in windowed mode" which enables
  window resizing and disables automatic resize. Keeps aspect ratio
- Only reset fullscreen mode when resolution or depth changes.
- On the fly USB mouse/joystick insert/removal does not modify
  currently selected input device(s) in Ports-panel.
- Enable ini-mode (registry replacement) if .ini
  (without .exe) is found. Previously always used winuae.ini.

And more. Originally 1.5.1 was planned to be "1.5.0 bug fix" update only..

WinUAE 1.5.0 (19.06.2008)

Requires Windows 2000 or newer. Does not run on Windows 9x/ME.

New features/improvements:

- Picasso96 emulation rewrite.
  * Major speed increase.
  * Optimized blitter operations.
  * Hardware (flicker free) mouse cursor emulated.
  * Picasso96 <> native switch without screen/window reopening if
    old and new size matches (instant mode switching).
  * Fullscreen to fullscreen switch without desktop flashing.
  * Color space conversion, all RTG color depths supported in windowed
    mode as long as Windows desktop has same or higher color depth.
  * Simple scaling support added, fill to whole screen instead of
    switching resolution. (Useful with low resolution games and demos in
    windowed mode or if host resolutions like 320x200 are not supported).
  * Configurable 15/16/24/32 bit color space formats.
  * Important notes if slowdown is noticed:
    - Select "NonLocalVRAM" in Misc-panel (if major slowdown)
    - Make sure display panel depth setting is same as Picasso96 depth
      setting (or tick "Match host and RTG color depth if possible")
      Color space conversion is always slower than direct match.
- Filter update.
  * Scaling and centering are now more intuitive (NOTE: old settings
    are not compatible).
  * "FS" scale multiplier added (fill whole screen).
  * "1/2" scale multipler added.
  * Hq3x and hq4x filters added.
  * Onscreen leds are not filtered anymore.
  * Keep aspect ratio option added.
  * Direct3D/OpenGL filters not yet updated.
- PCMCIA SRAM card emulation, includes real PCMCIA SRAM card support.
- ROM scanner byteswapped and even/odd ROM image support.
- Multithreaded AVI recording, huge speed increase with 2+ core CPUs
- Right mouse button over image selection buttons opens favorites menu
  (can add/remove/edit shortcut paths to disk/rom/harddrive images).
- Sprite emulation updates, sprite doublescan support improved
  (for example Fantastic Dizzy CD32 background), yet another missing
  undocumented feature implemented.
- More compatible with timing changes caused by power saving features.
- Missing uaescsi.device CMD_GETGEOMETRY added.
- Debugger, GUI debugger improvements.
- A600/A1200/A4000 IDE emulation LBA48 (>128G) support.
- Input handling is more Windows-like, only release mouse/joystick/keyboard
  when WinUAE loses focus (previously when mouse was not captured)
- Added 1.5M Chip RAM (A600 + 0.5M trap door expansion) and 384M/768/1.5G
  Z3 RAM (configures two emulated RAM boards) configurations.
- Configuration file cache implemented, increases initial configuration
  list loading speed.
- 5.1 sound settings include center and LFE channel (all 4 channels mixed)

Bug fixes:

- uaenet.device random deadlock fix, NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY works correctly.
- Gayle interrupt handling update.
- CPU emulation fixes, EXTB.L and CHK.L was 68000 (should be 68020+).
- Sprite emulation fix, Super Skid Marks hires mode cars and Marvin's
  Marvellous Adventure score/cloud interference.
- "HAM4" and "HAM5" is displayed properly.
- Sound emulation fix, fixes Weird Dreams hospital scene sound problem.
- More compatible CD32 state restore support.
- AGA mode sprite garbage may have appeared in some cases. (1.4.5+)
- DOS formatted HD floppy image crash.
- Rare real harddrive detection crash.
- CD32 compatibility improved (Liberation CD32)
- Display emulation fix, mixed interlaced and non-interlaced modes don't
  cause random display errors anymore, same with doublescanned interlaced
  modes. (for example hires-mode Pinball Illusions)
- Autoconfig emulation update, Action Replay 3 does not detect
  non-existing fast RAM board anymore.
- Many lha/lzh archives mounted as a harddrive crashed.
- Mousehack (tablet) mode works again.
- On the fly mouse/joystick switching crash fix.
- A3000 1.3 SuperKickstart works again.
- Many "non-standard" resolutions were missing in Picasso96 mode.

and more..

adfread 1.1 (24.12.2006)

Adfread will allow you to create ADF floppy disk images from regular
Amiga disks using standard PC hardware. It uses same method as Disk2FDI
but is compatible with Windows 2000 and newer.


- Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
- PC mainboard must have hardware support for 2 floppy drives
  Unfortunately most modern PC mainboards don't have B: drive motor
  and select signals connected. MB is compatible if you can configure
  both A: and B: drives in BIOS. (usually..)
- 2 non-USB floppy drives installed on the same cable
- Regular format Amiga disks without any copy-protection
- A normal PC-formatted 1.44M floppy

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:

- Improved internal disk operations
- Adfread can be run multiple times and only damaged sectors are
  retried (uses <name of adf>.status file to store sector status
- Small fixes and updates

[Download adfread] [Download driver]